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Playing this is so cozy! I love the way. I found  it very relaxing yet it has so many clues that leads you to complete little missions one after another!  Totally like this. One questions though how do you reckon on monezitation of this one? I take this as a premium game on app store/googleplay?

Thanks for feedback. About monetisation:

1. On this site, I did not monetize. Just try this site, and think about it.

2. On mobiles (app store/googleplay) from the third episode (according to the plot) it is necessary to pay the full version of the game. But initially I did otherwise. There were many pitfalls in the game, in which the player often came across, after which he had to watch the advertisement. From this approach, I decided to refuse, that would not spoil the impression of the game itself and not complicate the game.