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Sounds like a corrupted savefile. Try starting a new game or deleting all savefiles and see if that works!

HopFrog,it happens to me too,but when I open the game and the image named "HopFrog" dissapears,it appears to me.

I have only 4 options:

1: Abort

2: Ignore


4: Clear

I tried ignore but it appears on my screen anything I do. What to do?

I also tried to press continued ignore but it was useless. I love forager and wanna play it back :(

Hey Bogz!

Try deleting the file named "gameConfig" located in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Forager_Steam_

Then relaunch the game as usual!

I didn't found in the files the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Forager_Steam_

Where I can found it

The files should be there!

It's basically this directory: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Forager__Steam_


Oh my god thanks for help HopFrog!

It was just a corrupted savefile

I tried searching 


But it said no items found

Then I written just forager

I deleted all the savefiles and now I can play back!

Thanks so much!

where is this file? I can't find it

ICE,you find it in the File Explore app

Then just search what I said!

if I search forager, the file is not there

I don't me,it appeared...