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New menu graphics! Final backgrounds (now with 100% more rain)! Screen effects!

Before making any more progress with the investigation segment I wanted to touch up the entire thing. That meant, first of all, finally completing the backgrounds. The left and furthest wall of the café, connected by a curve, are supposed to be transparent and show the street, almost pitch black due to the storm and fog outside. Hopefuly, that's what it looks like! All backgrounds, scenes and CGs have also been updated to that effect.

As on last update I also did some minor corrections and added screen flashes and shakes in the dialogue here and there to make it more lively.

The menu, buttons and additional graphics have also been updated and remade. The basic history page didn't really look good to me, so I tuned it a bit to show a small portrait. In a mystery game, I feel like it's useful to be able to quickly look up to check on what someone said a while ago at times, so this should make that easier!

I'll upload one last introduction only v0.3 demo later today as I finish messing with the menu and fixing other minor problems!!