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Completed the game in my slow pace! It is a beautiful work! Thank you for making a game out of the ancient Chinese culture! As a Chinese I found these elements so familiar. (though I spent some time looking through the glossary to search for the match words in Chinese lol

For the names of characters in Chinese have been given, I'll post the meanings of those here. ↓

I suggest reading it after you have known all the characters.

  • 白芳菲 (Bai Fangfei):

白=white, 芳菲=fragrance of flowers

芳菲 is a word used in a poem 《大林寺桃花》by Bai Juyi (The Peach Blossoms of Dalin Temple) which is in the glossary.

The Dalin sect Fangfei belongs to is from this poem too.

  • 丽雪 (Lixue):

丽=beautiful; gorgeous; 雪=snow

  • 白暮情 (Bai Muqing):

白=white, 暮=late; at dusk; 情=feeling; emotion; 暮情=bygone feeling

暮情 is a word used in 《长恨歌》(Song of Everlasting Sorrow) which is in the glossary. The title is from the same poem.

  • 玄梦蝶 (Xuan Mengdie):

玄: literally means "black", but has extended its meaning to "abstruse"; 梦=dream, 蝶=butterfly, 梦蝶=dream of a butterfly

It's referred to a story《庄周梦蝶》(The Butterfly Dream) which you can find in the glossary. Zhuangzi in the story cannot tell the reality from illusions.

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不知道用中文评论合不合适, 有些词句比如白眼狼真的老亲切了(๑´ㅂ`๑) 记不得长恨歌的我找"圣主朝朝暮暮情"这一句都找了一阵子(=′ー`)祝她们白头偕老!

敢问神仙大人, 能准许小弟子我在中国视频网站上传流程视频来推广游戏吗? 很想让国内更多人了解到你们的游戏_(:з」∠)_←感谢准许!

↓btw a tiny spoiler:↓


Thank you so much! I'm happy you enjoyed!! ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆

在中国视频网站上传流程视频来推广游戏当然可以。(b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b 

关于小鸟,他在就是因为我喜欢鸟。我很高兴你觉得小鸟可爱 (^8^)