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best game idea ever so fun to play not sure where i report bugs but i only have 1 also im playing on the rift so it may be diffrent but if you teleport as the round starts and your out side the house you gut stuck out side and then you cant make your way back and finaly i got to wave 17 :) but by then there were so many undead aswell as guns and bits on the floor the game laged for about 1/4 - 1/2 a second every time i shot a zombie also once all the building supplys get broken you just get left with a wall of bear traps as nothing else spawns.

regardless of that still the best demo ive ever played 

ps "average session about a half hour"  XD  

Hey StreetBoo, thanks for the feedback and bug report! Sorry that messed up one of your games. That is crazy you got to wave 17. The game is coming to Steam Early Access very soon on Oct the 24th. Tons of new content! If you play it I would love to know what you think.