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Hi sorry I never got back to you I was fairly new to at the time and it was over 120 days before I realized you had replied to my comment.

Anyway I got Undead Development as soon as it was out on steam and have been playing every update since. just played the v9.2 update that launched earlier today and its probably the best one yet, however I did run into a couple of bugs.

 the first minor one was after I had died ( during a wave where you movement rate is limited ), I chose to exit back to the main base where you can select the level when I spawned in I still had the movement speed limiter and had to wait for the timer to move around the base.

I also had an old bug were you tool belt spots become unusable.

And one with the new bag mechanic I think up until about round 4 it was working perfectly, then one time when I emptied it, it stayed in the air playing the up and down emptying animation. so I tried to empty it again to see if it would fix the bug but instead it spawned a second bag with the same problem. (The items that came out of the first glitched bag then disappeared and the came out of the new glitched bag) any items that I put in the bag after the bug had happed would not come out of the bag, instead it would making the original two items disappear and come out of the bag again.

I tried to empty the bag again what resulted in another small bug where a (vacuum recycler) thing got stuck to the middle of my screen at Hight and rotation of my head (I would guess at the spawn point for the bag emptying) ill try attach a picture

I’m afraid I have no idea what triggered the problem the only thing I can think of that I had done differently was that it was the first time I put a vacuum recycler in the back pack but I don’t think that was the problem.

Regardless I still really enjoy playing the game and always recommend it to people who are looking for a new VR game. But you would be surprised how many people shrug it off because it’s not multiplayer. Maybe something to look into in the future.

 If you have any questions message me back here ill check this time :)

thanks and keep up the good work