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This little game is about working-class problems connected with gender. This is a comment area on a little game about sexism in job interviews. It's not a repository for rants against middle-class strands of feminism that I do not support, or lists of problems males have, or irrational theories about Trump being a consequence of people criticising offensive usage of language. Stay on topic please.

The only part of your comment I am interested in replying is the link. The link brings to a theory I have replied to uncountable times: the theory that it's all about choices, i.e. women choose career paths that make them earn less. This theory is not a refutation of the gender gap, it's just an attempt at simplifying its explanation by ignoring all other factors and blaming the victims. However, it leaves more questions unanswered: and why do women disproportionately choose those paths? The point is that there are systemic issues making women "choose" to earn less. Women who try and choose something different from the ordinary for themselves are going to face discrimination because they are not following the norm, which in turn strengthens the "preference" for the norm. It is a vicious circle.