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I tried chatting with heather and the game locked up and nothing happened.


If you use the Mac version you bug should be fixed on the new V1.21 version!


One small issue with that I don't have a mac. You know, how about you just accept that you made a flawed game (an activity really because a game would mean there was something I could control on my end) fix the flaws and thank me for pointing it out? Not tell me I need to download a different version of your shit game to get a better result. I have enough games in the visual novel spectrum on that I don't need to fix your mistakes.


Hello :) 

I assume you had a Mac but before that I ask you your configuration but you didn't give me an answer. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience and if you want you can tell us the problem. You are free to download or not the new version. Our goal is you happiness :) 

Have a good day !