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It's a very nice concept. 

I have a big complain. This game should run in any kind of PC. I find a very big slow motion when watching the mountains/sky in the Moth Forest (when Im inside of water caves it runs almost normal and when I'm at the top of platforms when I can't see the mountains/clouds, it runs almost normal too). I have an ATI 5770 and an Intel Core i7 4770... so I find it really odd this kind of behaivor.

It's not exactly an fps drop, because the game slow down itself time. 

Other thing that seemed weird to me, it's that I couldnt change the game resolution (maybe demo has a fixed res ?). I was running it at 720p when I have a 1080p monitor. 

I liked very much the game, I'm probably buying it.

That does sound weird, the game runs perfectly fine in most computers we have tested (even in some pretty crappy laptops).
Could be a problem of outdated drivers, hard to tell from here.
The resolution problems is in our to do list!

Thank you for playing!