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This Game could be really cool if you did maybe at a later time choose to add more to it!

Stuff like

-More Guns

-More Gun customization

-Melee Weapons

-More Base Building Parts

-Maybe Different Maps with different Terrains like a King of the hill one and your crystals on top of a hill and they have to get to it

Alot of cool stuff you could do if you choose to maybe do some more work with it or have any plan to maybe a later date to give some one else the coding so they could expand it! (Of course with your Original Name cause its your Game) But id love to see this game grow if youd choose to do so!

Maybe try making it where servers can run through Java and you can make them kinda like Minecraft creating Servers?

Id love to Record this with a friend if your able to work out the multiplayer stuff!

Little Bugs

-Game somtimes doesnt want to host

-Multiplayer doesnt work

Thank you for the feedback!  unfortunately I wont be continuing working on this game because i have bigger stuff planned.  This was my first multiplayer game so the code is super messy and i just wanted to start something new with what I've learned from making scrap Defense.  Its crazy how many people actually liked this game though :D  thanks!

Well that is a  little sad that your not continuing it,really had a lot of potential. But id love to hear what your coming up with next if its anything like this game or different? 

Thanks for the Reply!

It's completely different but it will have proper multiplayer.