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I am very impressed with how much content you got done in a 72 hour game game!  A building game, with day and night, different weapons and enemies.   Bravo!   My only suggestion is to make the zombies more of a threat, by letting them jump.   When I played it the would get stuck on the first block they ran into so they were easy to kill.  I'm really impressed!  Great job!

Yes we have fixed that. Our original thought process behind that was they would eventually build up so much that they would create like an ocean of zombies coming for you. And those zombies stuck would act as a bridge for other zombies to jump on and get over. But a lot of people said they didn't like it and it felt slow that way. So thank you for the feed back!

Awesome!  I'm going to down load the latest build and try it now!

Oh im sorry I havent actually exported the latest build yet...havent really had enough time. I didnt think it would influence the ratings that much since they are ending today but I will eventually get that up. :)