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Hey dude thanks for sticking around.

Yeah I haven't quite worked out giving the AI the dash yet. I tried a long while ago and it was zooming around like crazy. I'll figure it out in time I guess. For now it's your advantage. :)

The bots do have dash, at least in expert mode they do xD

I guess it's still in somehow. Either that or they're triggering the input by themselves which is a scary thought.

one way or the other, they do it and they do it well xD

It's been a long time since I've played it, and there are so many improvements. Tho one thing that's missing, is the exit button xD. And an options menu. Besides that I think it's E-sports ready tbh

Thanks for sticking around. I'm going to give the menu a proper overhaul at some point so I'll be sure to include both those things.