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Alright, right away.... wow this game looks and feels great. I had a few problems with the giant ninja robot boss thing. When the fight started, he simply sat there and did nothing, as if he was stuck in a wall. At any rate, I love this and I can't wait for future updates. Don't let the game die!

Hi Derpychameleon, thanks for trying the game and dropping us feedback! Awesome to hear you're liking it so far.

We've noticed the same thing with the Skull Knight enemies, it's exactly as you said: they get stuck in the walls on spawn and don't activate until you dig them out haha. I'll try to address it next update.

And we're definitely going to finish this one. It's been awhile since an update because our earlier game Fatal Theory was greenlit for Steam, so we've been prepping/porting that for launch, but active dev will resume shortly! Please stay tuned for more :)

- Adam