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[copying my comment from main thread because I forgot to hit reply]

Yep, looks like it won't at all work with JRE 10. You would need to install JRE 8 from here I think...

But I don't really expect you to do that, because installing different versions of java and getting the right one to work is a massive hassle haha. With the next version release, I will try to bundle the JRE into a exe/dmg so nobody has to worry about having the right one. Sorry :/

Howdy rexer :) this is an old build now, and despite the lack of communication we are actually planning to post a new one (hopefully) soon! If you do want to get this one up and running though, could you tell me what version of Java you're running? I last tested this with version 1.8.0 update 141-b15... Hopefully it still works with the currently available version, I am about to try it now

Hey awesome, thanks Jupiter! I don't think I can reply directly to your comment, but here goes: first of all, I love this project of yours! What a massive and amazing undertaking.

Re: the controls, they look like they were working, unfortunately I just wasn't able to work in any of the visual prompts to guide you through what was going on, whose turn it was, or how the turns worked. There's some small kind of 'cutscenes' where you can't actually move, and planting a seed will make it grow on your next turn, but nothing's very clear atm. I will eventually finish this one with all that in it, but til then, I'm just glad you liked the visuals :)

Hey, thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it.

That issue sounds really weird... would you be able to provide a screenshot? And some details of your machine would be super helpful. Operating System, GPU, and is it an extra high pixel density display or anything?

If you can help me solve this one, I'd appreciate it big-time :)

Cheers Derpy, same to you!

Hi Derpychameleon, thanks for trying the game and dropping us feedback! Awesome to hear you're liking it so far.

We've noticed the same thing with the Skull Knight enemies, it's exactly as you said: they get stuck in the walls on spawn and don't activate until you dig them out haha. I'll try to address it next update.

And we're definitely going to finish this one. It's been awhile since an update because our earlier game Fatal Theory was greenlit for Steam, so we've been prepping/porting that for launch, but active dev will resume shortly! Please stay tuned for more :)

- Adam

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Hi player pals, if you've played the game then we'd love to hear what you thought about it. All thoughts and criticisms welcome, we're pretty easygoing about receiving it so tell us your mind.

Some things to take into account:

  • The next build will feature mouse and keyboard support, if you came here to ask for that rest assured it is happening
  • It's very early in development, and we haven't really balanced the weapons or parts yet... but we'd still like to hear which parts you like/dislike and why!
  • We're two brothers working on this unpaid, so it can't always be a priority or we may starve. Expect fluctuations in how fast the game progresses; most likely it will come along in bursts. Please be understanding of this when reporting bugs etc! We will note and fix them all, just probably not immediately.

Thanks for your time, I hope we can make this game great together!

- 2 Hit Adam