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Thank you so much, Answerless! We're glad that you enjoyed the game!

Ashe, the writer, really put a lot of heart into the game. She expanded the outline I gave her, and she came up with these intricate backstories for the characters and the world, and we're just so excited to get started on Episode 2 when we can. I really wish we could talk about some of the things we have planned for it, but I feel like that would diminish the experience.

Gaki is definitely not the route most people will play because he's the best choice for Lilim, lol. Thankfully, that's exactly how we intended him to be. He's like an amalgamation of the things neither Ashe nor I enjoy in the flirty bishounen tropes. But, I will say that we have some interesting things planned for him in the future.

I don't want to comment too much on Saleos and Kali, just because I know I'll accidentally go into Episode 2 territory, but they're definitely the "main" routes. Along with Gaki, too, although theirs are more serious. That said, I hope we can still do Anzu and the final character route justice, too. 

I feel like Episode 2 will end up being significantly longer than Episode 1. Eep!