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thank u very much. I don’t let my little guy play often but once in a while I let him try it out. He watched my son and I play sonic and he was begging to play but was disappointed when he was just rolling because of his height. He has an iron stomach for vr so I’m not worried about the motion of it. He’s going to be 1 happy kid tonight thank u

I lowered the limit but that naturally scales down the crouch distance,

If you still have trouble, set a height that's higher and then just press reset with the headset at his standing height.

The game doesn't calculate crouching from the height of the headset, the pivot point is always where you reset, that's why you have to stand straight, otherwise it just moves the floor relative to your reset.

You didn't really need the update for it, although it would still mean that he's sort of hovering above the ground that's all.