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So I played it and quite enjoyed it. The only thing I worry about at this point is having the game rely on a single mechanic. It works right now in such a short demo, but might get stale after a while. More feedback at the end of the video!

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Thanks :) and also thanks for making that video! Kinda hyped! :D

We plan further mechanics later on - the current version was specially focused on the puzzle mechanic we can do with the time shimmer.

The mechanics we plan currently to come in the next iterations are: 

  • flooding of the canyon you've just explored by completing a "boss"
  • diving and swimming in the flooding canyon to reach new areas and explore caves
  • and the using the staff on your back for actual combat

During the combat you can - of course - use the time shimmer to manipulate your enemies. Which gives us more freedom in enemy design and break some rules which are heavily established in action-adventures these days (like attack animation timings).

We didn't post everything on itch because it would clutter the page. :)

The pre-alpha will expand over time (as we finish the new features) with areas using that features :)

Again thanks for your feedback and glad you've enjoyed it. ( Note: did not yet fully watched the video :( will continue now )


Sounds like you all have a lot planned! I'm really looking forward to what you create here! ^_^