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Hi! I really like this game and I want to port it to the Vita, along with King of Machines. Is that okay with you? (no need for source code or anything btw)


Sure. If that's feasible then go for it :) How does that work?


It's a combination of UMT (Undertale Mod Tool) and some experimental scripts that downgrades the bytecode from 17 (GMS 2) to 16 (compatible with Vita runner), and modifying code by doing some sort of decompilations. Sometimes it's a lot of work, but in the case of King of Machines, it was the easiest port I've done in my life. That game is so well coded that it literally worked right away and I had to modify nothing.

Last night I tried to port Warlord and there were some bugs with fonts that I'll look into to these days!

If you want to know more, send me a dm to @m1s3ry_


Holy shit. Just had a browse through your twitter posts and to actually see KoM being played like that is wonderful <3

I kinda hate working with text in GMS, so 99% of text in King of Machines was just sprites, so maybe that probably helped.


It did indeed. It was ultra simple to port and ran at 60 fps. I could have adjusted (and probably will) some resolution scaling problems that are common with the Vita, but oof.

On top of that, the game was amazingly fun! It's no shit one of my favourite beat em ups


Thanks :) always glad when people enjoy this little hobby of mine. Btw, did you figure out you can counter the Wrecking Ball Boss by grabbing & throwing his balls back at him with well-timed melee?

I did not! :o