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I LOVE the game. I have never played a dating sim or the sort, but I don't know that I want to play any others out of fear of being disappointed because this game is SO EMOTIONAL to play for me. The characters are very flawed but explained in ways that make you want to progress. Scratch that, want Hana to progress. She's a good person and has a lot in common with someone like me who has anxiety and has such doubt about themselves, but she's also very selfishly flawed realisticly and I like that to an extent too. The best thing is that I know who these people are. What they show of themselves at least. Austin (PBG seriously why not call him Austin), Jirard, Jon, even the backstory given to Shane. I know these are not the real people, but it's surprising how well the known of these YouTubers are represented based on personality. My ONLY gripe is that it should be more. Bigger. More routes, more development of the Hidden Block group, but most importantly more CHOICES. The only true thing that bothered me in this game is that you can only control about a 5th of the big choices within the game, like Mai wanting to see 'the boots' and you not wanting to. Of course even this makes sense because of how Hana is as a character. She is needy and flawed like anyone else. She's impulsive too. That's what's magical about the experience. It's not you. It's her. In fact if anyone in that game was me when playing it was Jirard. PBG represents how I actually act around people, but Jirard has an emotional connection. The final choice in his route with Wallid definitely hits me hard, because I went back to choose the negative option and got a neutral end and it made me so sad for Hana. but I understood. I love the game sorry I'm rambling. It is AMAZING!

It's one of those experiences you don't want to end. I ditched Fallout 4 of all things to play this game. 20/10 for stuffing more emotion than any game I've ever played into such a simple yet gorgeous package :)

Thanks so much for your feedback! I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed the game c: