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More Things

Add plastic,clay,stone etc...

Foods: Mushroom,salmon,tuna,cod and oil


Able to catch floating plastic bottles and melt them on some kind of apparatus. This would mean that you can make things like shovels and pickaxes.(these will be explained later)


Rags could be found floating in the sea they would need to be dried and stitched to more rags using a needle (explained later) to make clothes.


different temperatures would mean you need several different clothes. Overheating could make you lose water and hunger extremely fast whereas freezing could make you become ill and need medics (explained later)


can be used to cure illness caused by freezing or overheating. It can also be used to cure infections from shark bites. Can be found in barrels or made from herbs and plants.


Clay will be at the seabed and you will be able to collect it with a plastic bucket, it could be used to make bowls for soup and other appliances like barrels/pots of water, flower pots and plates for food. (Plates can be placed on tables and you can sit on chairs)


you could start with for example 10 matches to lite a fire these would then be found in barrels or found floating (they would need to be dried out if floating)

Needles and Pins

can be used for sewing clothes and making things like bedsheets.

Beds and bedsheets

beds can be used to sleep through night.(or day)


herbs can be used to make medicine and can be found in barrels. They could also be used to make food healthier and replenish the food bar more.


Seaweed and asparagus to name a few. They can be eaten if edible or planted in a flower pot.


sand could be gathered from the sea floor using a plastic bucket it could then be melted in a pot and made into windows.


soild could also be gathered from the sea bed and will be uses to fill crop plots instead of it being pre-filled


Stone could be gained  from the sea floor using a plastic pickaxe which would then be used for making things like stronger stone foundations,pillars, floor etc... It could also be used for making other things like mills to crush seeds for oil or pigment.


Can be used for cooking this would mean that the food cooked with oil will fill up thee hunger bar more. It could also be used for other things (if you can think of any other uses)


pigment could be used for painting different objects in the game. It would need to be mixed in a bucket or made with the appropriate apparatus.

Cod, Tuna and Salmon

Just different types of fish with different stats.


Can be found in barrels and can be used to make soup. (This could be added for beat root)


This could be random and could range from a light shower to massive waves

If you got this far:

Thanks for reading!

Holy ship I wish I had the patience to write that much because I have so many things to say but not nearly enough patience to write it lol