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Hi. Is there going to be a walk-through? I'm completely stuck. Please Advise. 

Hi! I wasn't planning on writing a walkthrough, since you can ask Iggs for help in game if you get stuck. 

But if there's a particular puzzle that's giving you trouble I'd be more than happy to help! What part of the game are you at?

Spoilers Below:

(Also here's some vague hints about parts that I think might be a bit harder to figure out:

To make the fancy shirt you need to COMBINE 2 items, one of which is the T-Shirt itself. (The other is found on the 1st floor of the house)

To open the cupboard in the hallway you need to USE an item to PRY the doors off. (This item can also be found on the 1st floor of the house)

To get the shovel you need to give the plant what it wants. (It LUSTS after the FLESH of men) )

Hope that helps!

Thankyou I'll try your hints. :)