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Ouch, we're sorry that the game broke for you!  :(

To be 100% honest, we've released the game in as finished a state as we could before the team split up after our degree ended.  It was our capstone project at New England Institute of Technology and, without being at the school, we've all decided that we would keep the game at it's final state and release it as it is.

Long story short:  Sorry for the frustration!  Unfortunately, we won't be able to fix the bugs with the game.  We do appreciate you trying it out though, and we hope you had fun with what you were able to play so far!  There is another zone that you can visit regardless of beating the one you're stuck in if you'd like to continue playing, and the hidden origami pieces are also still possible to find regardless of any game blockades.

oh, i see 

and yeah in the future i might try to get to the hidden zone you mentioned|

And good luck with all of your futures :D