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I played the first 5 levels so far, and I think this game is pretty good, I like the visuals and the controls are great. Though I'm a bit hesitant to play through the rest of the game, mainly because I can't handle horror games that well.


I totally get you here. :) I tried to make the spooky elements more funny, and spoopy rather than actual horror. At least for the most part. I figured you have played the second pink town level yet, right? I admit the ending to that was a bit heavy in comparison to the rest (the jumpscare at the end). From now on it gets easier. The second ice level and the final one feature more horror elements but not nearly as bad. The second ice level has giant snowballs that open a mouth with teeth and growl at you when you come close so be warned. The final level looks weird, but does not feature actual horror or jumpscares.

Yeah, the second pink level was the last one I played so far. I saw a speedrun of the game, and that level is the scariest the game gets for me.