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Quick update for everyone viewing this page: 

It turns out that using the Dropbox uploader to upload the game caused the .zip files to get corrupted. So if you downloaded the game earlier today, you probably couldn't unzip it or at least one of the .rpa files was corrupted. :( We're so sorry about that!

Right now I'm manually uploading the files to prevent file corruption, but my internet speed is kind of so-so and it's taking a bit. I didn't realize that re-uploading would cause the original files to get taken down, but I guess that's for the best since the files are corrupted anyway? D: I will send out an announcement once the files are back up and everything is working as it should! Don't fret if you don't see your pre-order files. If you can still download the Spirit Parade mini-game demo v2.3, you should still be good to go once the regular game files are back up.

- Lore

edit (12:23AM CST): The files have all been re-uploaded and we've had the files/downloads tested once more. It seems like everything's in working order now, so it really was just an issue with the uploader corrupting the files. I didn't have to recompile and everything seems to be in working order. We're so sorry for the trouble and delay. Please re-download the game and enjoy!


right now it seems everything its fine, just that the voice acting is missing, but not that i complain, i'm actually fine without it, so again thanks you so much guys, i know it wasn't easy, but you made good on you're promise, and i couldn't be more happy about it.


As we announced earlier, voice acting is going to be put on hold for the time being due to scheduling and coordination conflicts. So the game proper will not have any voice acting for now. You can still download the fully voiced demo to play through the common route voiced if you're itching to hear them again, but that will be all for now.

Aaaaa thank you so much for your support!! The files have been reuploaded and confirmed to work properly with no more file corruption, so hopefully that's the end of all the trouble! We're going to continue to work hard on the rest of the routes and do our best to live up to everyone's expectations.