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I really loved this demo! The gameplay is very silly but quite clever. It's a glorified version of hide-and-seek and the old cat and mouse game. You can play as a single-player or up to four players. The demo (available here and Steam) can only be played as a single-player.

The objective is easy enough: break into the house and steal all the items on your list without getting seen and caught. The list of items can be ridiculous from a coin to a slice of pizza on a plate. The great thing is that the list changes as well as the locations of the items for each game played. Maybe I was off when I played and recorded, but I couldn't seem to steal all the things on the lists I had in my gameplay. I don't know if the demo provides more maps or just a house. Regardless, I had so much fun I ended up buying the full game. So now I'm trying to convince my friends to get it. As of this review (3/20/21), the game is $12 USD on Steam.

I highly recommend you get this game. I haven't looked into the full game too much but I hear there are multiple maps, and using strategy increases your chances of evading the homeowner.


Nice video! Thank you for trying the game out and buying it. I am glad you enjoy it. The 4-player multiplayer mode/level is more of an addon/extra/bonus. You will have the most fun by playing through the 11 single player levels (9 of them can be played online with a friend).