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Sorry for the late reply,

We(I) saw your video (liked it)  and read your comment regarding our game. 

1) This game was made in 24 hours ( no sleep) and I am aware that it was poorly made. Yes, I am also aware that it had very little to no map detail, poor sound system and a rip-offed soundtrack used for the bossfight (lol) and yes, it’s our(my)  first time using Unreal Engine 4.

2) Yes, I am aware that the box collision and hit boxes had several issues, That’s due to poor scaling and weird polygons. It had health reduction code, but it didn’t work due to the models.

3) We are *scrapping* this game, and never touching it again, hoping for it to appear inside a cringe montage or something,

4) However, I am going to be working on another game, which is far better than this one, and as you said, “and actual game”

Thank you so so much for taking the time to make a video in our game! Your video was hilariously entertaining,


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Dude don't scrap the game. I want you guys to rebuild it and retry. I want you guys to never stop making games. The reason I was angry was so you guys can prove me wrong in the next game. No one is asking a triple A game. Just a game that is simple and fun. Not one that is absolutely nothing. You guys have potential to create a game. Although I may not believe at the fact that you guys worked 24 hrs for this game, I will give you all the benefit of the doubt. If it is true, you guys are really close to making a better game than this. The map really wasn't the biggest problem, it was the whole mechanic and story. Remember map can suck if the mechanic and story is right.  Sadly this game wasn't the case. I believe one of the biggest problems is that you guys decided to create a game that was a bit over your head. Try to create games for fun and simple games and also use opengameart that website is amazing. I will also play your next game to see how much it will improve. I will also play it with an open mind, don't worry I truly believe you all will do better next time!!! :)