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This was a really short, fun, frustrating, enjoyable mess of things lol. I loved the atmosphere, and old doctor going into his rotting hospital for files but the creature he created is still lurking below, (and the wonderful old music) I think that could be a killer game if you had a bigger team and bigger budget. I had some hard times with inspecting/reading much of anything it all seemed very blurry and I know it's not an issue with my PC. Besides having some issues with the maps and papers, everything else was fun for a small quick game, I had to play this a few times to get to the ending because after you can't run from the monster you're basically f****d. SPEAKING OF THE MONSTER!!! He's beautiful and I want a cardboard cut out of him in my recording room ahahah I would love to put this around my home and see what kind of reactions I can get from people, he's like scary but also fun to laugh at and these hands man, they are just out there... literally, but it gave me a good laugh every time I looked down so I like them ;)