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Gotta say, pleasantly surprised about this game even with how short it is.  Now for me I'm not easily scared by mannequins so this game wasn't particularly scary for me personally, but don't let that lower your expectation of the game.  If you're scared about mannequins in any way, you WILL be scared with this game.  On the plus side though, the sounds and overall atmosphere was done very well (even though the alarm at one point was far too loud).  I won't mention the graphics because, personally, graphics does not a good horror game make.  I've been scared with 2D pixellated games.  So while the warehouse looked great, the mannequins themselves looked, kinda meh, this game can easily be put up there as one of the good ones.

The puzzles are nothing more than find item X, insert in object Y to reach goal Z mechanic, and in such a small map finding those objects doesn't need much exploration.  The devs' description of playing the whole game in 5 to 10 minutes is true.

Lastly the game doesn't rely on cheap jumpscares but goes in the direction of building the tension, which is does in short bursts but where it does, it does it well.  I enjoyed playing this game and if you want to see me play it, click it here.