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Please update for the 2.0 beta, much appreciated ! 

Request : 

Can you make an example of melee combat whereby the player has a global variable health points + attack points,  and enemy actors have local variable scene specific health points and strength.

 You use a sword to attack an actor, and the script subtracts player strength from enemy actor health points

I have been trying to get this to work for a few days now, and all I get is player kills enemy actor in one swing of the sword, when it really should take three swings.

P.s Thank you for making GB Studio, its a great programme !

Hello! I am not currently planning on updating this project for 2.0, maybe some time in the future.

As to your request, I have a similar project for Zelda-Like combat, where you would just need to implement health and attack damage, here.

P.s I did not make GB Studio, it was made by Chris Maltby.

ah no worries, after gruelling afternoon with some help from gab studio Reddit I got everything working ! Cheers