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Seems like my review being the first since its release in 2017? Even my device lags in general (when browsing on twitch, youtube, etc.) I guess just by the quality of this screenshots, I'd especially adore the nightsky and stars in graphics there.

Same for the hallway and the other screenshot's scene with the rainbow-colors, maybe a game's trailer as video or more text-info sounds cool to know e.g. regions that awaits the players or if there are quests or if its rather for single/multiplayer (could also be hinted in keywords).

"walking simulator" and "atmospheric" sounds cool, are there also added audio or textlines? Its title nicknamed "Gallery Prison" sounds cool, referring to "art gallery" and exploring that building ...will daytime change or is there a possible time-counter somehow?

It would be awesome e.g. referring to the player getting awake (as starting the game), btw: is there  saving-feature in-game?