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Thanks a lot for checking this out and sharing your thoughts! Really glad you've had a bit of fun and like the presentation and concept. Agreed that the ever-decreasing stamina is maybe too much right off the bat, I've been trying to think up a way to soften that a little without removing the pressure entirely. Something as simple as awarding a stamina point for a correct answer regardless of how it's timed might do it. And yeah, a nice selection of songs to play would be key! In the downloadable Windows build, I reworked things so that the game now reads all of its song data from a set of easily editable INI files and whipped up the stuff to make 3 additional playable choruses. For something different on top of that, I wanted to see how this would feel with straight-up trivia instead of song lyrics so put together a couple video game trivia levels, one about the Mega Man series and the other Castlevania. It kinda-sorta works! Thanks again for playing and cheers for your feedback :)

EDIT: Just made a tiny little difficulty tweak to the latest version, correct answers now award 1 stamina point and hitting "?" blocks now award only 1 bonus stamina rather than 2. Makes for slightly better balance, IMO!