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Hey Jeiel,

no worries, it's a rather unsual and not very urgent request I guess (and yes I am aware that changing the code breaks the as soon as I update it) ^^.  Thanks for your answer.
Ok so the main thing I was missing before was the line in the gui file to change the cursors appearance. Now the eyedropper works with shift which is already very nice , but the alt key still gets intercepted by sprytile and my usual hotkey does not work.

Additionally I had to add 

        if event.alt is True or event.alt == 'PRESS':
            return None

in line 802 in the handle_mouse function and I've also added myself a new case in the file to get a different Icon (from the already implemented ones) for alt.

Thanks very much, looking forward to doing with sprytile now :D

Thanks for figuring it out. Was the hotkey that was being intercepted only using the alt key with no other combination?


hey Jeiel, nope it was using alt as a modifier combined with left click (pretty much exactly the same as the eyedropper tool)