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Such an amazing game! The visuals and the UI are exellent! And I really adore the gameplay concept, great idea and its execution 
Kinda wish there was an option to walk by simply holding the button instead of pressing it for each turn. And also no key for closing the inventory selection confused me in the begining. Also I sometimes caught myselft thinking that a button for skipping the turn without making a move would really help

Infact he button exists but its not documented ( backspace or B no controller ). I will add it in the description. You can also "skip" a turn by walking in a wall or lava. 

That's good to know thanks! And the problem with walking in a wall or lava is that they're not always there to walk into, though I guess it's kinda a gameplay feature

I also found out today that two swords aren't multipluing the attack and it was a bummer, partly because I had 4 bag slots, and the swords were in slot #2 and #3, therefore I wasn't able to drop one of them and practically I had 3 slots instead of 4. I think some inventory management would be helpful here

By the way is there any chance this will turn into a bigger game?