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Hey, first of all love your game even without looking at the H-scenes the story is amazing. I wanted to ask when will you add the capital city, ik its hard to do everything at once but if u could give a small info on that it would be great!

Edit: Oh and can you tell me what the new scene with cheif neroma is? I cant seem to figure it out

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Hi there. I am actually debating with myself if I should add the capital or not at this point, so I am not sure. It feels like we have more or less enough locations, as far as cities/towns go, and I wonder if it's worth the effort. I could just leave the castle as the one point you can visit, although adding a new area is always cool. So, at least for the short term, I'll definitely not work on it.

The new scene with the chief is the repeatable opportunity you get to have sex with him after the party (before you couldn't do that). The scene is different, even if it uses the same CGs.

Glad to know you like the game! ^_^