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and now it’s been two days, weird

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so fucking bamboozld I will never love again


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Way ahead of ya

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So happy you plugged my Twitter
I love paying for promotion

I agree in your conclusion that fetishising depression can be dangerous, that's one of the way it sticks to you and perpetuates its own existance. Especially the emo wallowing in suicidal teenage thoughts . But I don't see how a game only depressed people (and people that have been depressed) can relate to would necessarily be a bad thing, not for the developer or the player. Feelings and expression is subjective, and you might just lack the tools to communicate some stuff in a tangible manner. I find it hard to blame someone for doing it their way. If indeed the game was a way for the developer to express themselves, couldn't that be enough? Couldn't that be therapeutic in itself?  Does it need to be anything else, or really beneficial for anyone else?

All that said I personally prefer when meaning is expressed within structure, or even derived from it. Meaninglessness can be a powerful tool to create meaning but without a point it's pointless. Judging from your review I'm guess it's more the latter. Then again I haven't played the game and I probably never will because I'm a dick