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this was absolutely motherfucking goddamn amazing, pardon my anglo saxon. I haven't beaten it yet but only because there are so many other games to see and try and because I am still trying to hot patch a crash bug out of my own game.

my jaw almost literally dropped when I saw there was a second level because HOLY SCHNIKES the first one was so impressive I was really not expecting there to be more!!

The platforming experience was super fun once I figured out how you could grab and stab at the same time (I kept pressing X or Z, not holding Z and pressing X--I wish ). The game-boy era 2-bit visuals are amazing! the most impressive part is how you managed to perfectly capture the feels-good-feels-bad mix of accomplishment and guilty you feel after destroying a huge and beautiful beast in Shadow of the Colossus! 

My only real complaint is that it did not seem possible to die? my hearts were all empty by the time I noticed they were there, and I was sure I at least should have taken hits since then, but I never died. also a pause button would be a lovely addition.

almost perfect scores from me! AWESOME!