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I hope you do in the future, but I'm more surprised you don't support godot (I've never used it myself but it's fairly well thought of among most indie devs as I understand it). Anyway thanks for letting me know.

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Hey, so my project will probably skew more in a Heavy Rain/Silent Hill type vein than Myst or IDK Gabriel Knight or w/e. There will be some resource management and combat in a "survival horror"ish vein but the combat/"twitch" gameplay isn't really the point. (Sidenote: the Legend of Zelda games are action-adventure games, not action RPGs. If you look at the original top-down Zelda games they are strikingly lacking in RPG elements like stats and levels. But I get that they're not what you mean when you say "graphical adventure game" and that's fine obviously.)  I wanted to know if I'm going to be safe here or kind of riding the line.

Does it matter if I have puzzles or not? Is there a specific like, minimum, 'puzzle density' to aim for?

edit: Clock Tower is probably a good comparison. that is technically considered a graphical adventure game according to wikipedia

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I *AM* sorry if this *is* a dumb question y'all. Just trying to figure out if this jam is something I can potentially participate in.

Returning to this several months later I...still don't think I actually understand what NFTs are. And not for lack of trying! My brain refuses to hold the information!

I don't get it.

My credits will be forthcoming, I had to push them back or I would not have been able to finish even the very, very unfinished hot mess that I submitted at the last minute! Rest assured I have the right to use all resources in the game commercially, I just need to set aside a couple hours to write out clear and complete credits.

I understand this is important and I will do everything possible to address it within a reasonable timeframe, but I have been crunching with very little sleep for more than 48 hours so I need to take a moment to refresh my physical and mental health first.

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Ok it's not curiosity, you got me, I lied!

I'm working on a crunchy but relatively light Doom/Blood/Quake inspired TTRPG for this jam. No idea if I'll finish but it is probably (at least maybe?) somewhat dependent on my ability to find playtesters available in the narrow time frame that remains of the jam (nothing drives enthusiasm/energy for necessary crunch like being able to actually play your game!). I thought it might be a hoot to try sourcing playtesters from here rather than the physical games/TTRPG scene (which I might be trying also). Anyone down to try a new game on Discord or whatever?  

Oh, I've only used this handle for digital games development but these handles are also me in case anyone was curious to see my bona fides/pedigree (two ENnie noms f'rinstance) for any reason:


no worries! it happens!

ok, stock me.

I do now! Thanks for enlightening me! I had no idea that there even WAS a fifth state of matter! This idea is going directly in my science fantasy RPG.

cool, thx!

So tbc this question is about violence and scary stuff my (at this point) entirely hypothetical entry isn't going to contain any sexual content or hard swears or idk freaking hate speech???? (what a world we live in) or whatever I have no desire to, but in terms of (pixel) violence (probably nothing even as "graphic" as the original Doom) I wanted to know if this PG adheres closer to E For Everyone or T For Teen? 

(as uh, videogames don't use PG ratings, they use the ESRB rating categories; I haven't done as deep a dive into the OST as I plan to esp. if I actually join but it seems like plenty of the tracks are indeed well suited to combat/war/spookyscary action/violence)

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Nope. I did not steal my dog who I previously co-owned with my ex with whom I purchased him. You cannot, in fact, steal something you own. I have sole custody of the dog now, which is best for everyone involved, most importantly the dog. 

Also "one of your victims" is just absolute fucking nonsense, as there is literally one person I have EVER interacted with in my entire life that could be accurately referred to as my "victim".  Which is obviously one too many but still the phrase "one of your victims" is fucking nonsense. 

Also you've been reported. Also you've been banned. Also please god just leave me the fuck alone. If I have not suffered enough already for the wrong I've done to satisfy you then you are either woefully underinformed about my suffering or a sadistic monster. 

Further comments of this nature will be deleted to preserve what little is left of my sanity.

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I don't mean this in a mean way but I feel like the answer to the second question is kind of 'none of your business'. Like I'm not particularly ashamed of what I'm on it just doesn't seem like something to tell curious strangers on the internet. No offense.

As for the first question I don't want to get into like a debate here but trying to explain myself (somewhat) concisely...

The short answer is Donald Trump happened. 

To be clear, I was never remotely what you could call right wing. Like, before I moved to the left I was still an anarcho-socialist! Just one with some very serious problems with "SJW culture" (what they call 'cancel culture' nowadays) and some socially conservative view points. I did, and do, find much of what is said and done by "SJWs" to be not just annoying, but actively toxic. But while I was focusing mistakenly on that, the political pendulum swung so far to the right that the united states elected a president that empowered legitimized and defended LITERAL FUCKING NAZIS (some of them in the linked incident literal Nazi murderers). 

I have always been an ardent antifascist (I made this TTRPG, I keep my TTRPG account separate from my videogame account for organizational reasons) but pre-Trump that never needed to be said or needed to come up or be part of my explicit (political) identity because I assumed incorrectly that everyone was on the same page re: fascism is bad. NOPE! Not at all. Being vocally and conspicuously antifascist is clearly of great importance. SJWs are the lesser of two evils by such an enormous margin it was a clear and catastrophic mistake for me to spend any time or energy waging a culture war against them while actual Nazis were getting mainstreamed! 

Hey, so is anybody still streaming games/just started streaming games and where can I find these streams? Sorry if this is a dumb question and the information's somewhere obvious and I missed it. If the streaming was only going on in the week after the jam I'm going to feel really stupid for not asking this a week ago. I really want to see my game get streamed and I'd assumed, maybe foolishly, that the streaming was going to be ongoing for several weeks after the jam as people streamed content at their own pace.


how the hell did I miss this until now??

is the black zombie (robot?) killable? I put like a clip and a half into the thing and it didn't go down. I have more feedback, some of which is critical, let me know if you're looking for more feedback. Great job overall, though!

you did already lol or at least you said you did? it just now occurred to me you might actually be multiple people in your company (great logo, btw!) sharing the same account

this is great. I definitely want to play more of it, I only had time for a small taste. there was an annoying bug though trying to play w/ mouse and keyboard where w was the key to walk up and also the key to toggle the quick-select menu at the lower left, hence every time I walked up the menu would toggle, and I couldn't figure out how to cast spells (or do anything in combat, really, except swing my sword). I'll try again w/ a gamepad as I do own one and that seems to be how it's meant to be played.

because this was made in RPG Maker (software I've been using for two decades now) I simultaneously am more impressed by its technical accomplishments and more inclined to nitpick its minor failings, but I'm not going to do either one, at least not right now, because I'm trying to get a couple more games rated in the half hour or so we have left to rate them. 

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this was great! I didn't beat it, I got to the third?? bonfire and then couldn't get up the ladder w/o getting cheaped by enemies. weirdly, I had the same two complaints with it I had with the other Dark Souls demake: I want more feedback on when an attack has killed an enemy (and preferably for an enemy I've beaten to not be able to hurt/kill me during the awkward second or so after I've killed it and the game actually erases the sprite) and I want a shield, it just doesn't feel (as much) like a Souls game w/o a shield. 

I really loved how this had me kiting enemies off of ledges and into terrain they couldn't pass through rather than fighting them fair because I didn't want to risk my precious, precious health by getting close to them, just like in a real Souls game

e: I don't know if you're developing this further at all, but if you are please let me know if you ever need help w/ English language localization, I am by profession a writer and would be happy to assit

wow. this is definitely the most impressive game-on-its-own-merits I've played in this jam. It is shockingly polished and complete for the timeframe. The weird mix of Arkanoid/Gradius gameplay really works for me.  I beat 27 levels and I'm dying to know out of how many, but I found that the difficulty of what I played lined up exactly with the sweet spot of the upper limits of my skill level at this kind of a game (filthy casual),

I'm not a Nier fan (tried it twice, years apart, bounced off it pretty hard both times) so any inside joke or easter egg there was, I missed it, but this seemed to really capture its frenetic bullet hell energy and color pallete. I was impressed verging on shocked by how many levels there were. I was impressed when the game didn't end after 10 or so and once I was past level many levels did you make!? the level design is good, too, good ramping up of difficulty, good playing-the-game-teaches-you-how-to-play-the-game sensibility

this was dope af more in the jam comments

thanks so much! I do wish a few more people had rated it, though, but it's nice to be getting some positive feedback I'm almost certainly going to keep developing this because everyone who played it really liked it.

this is the first God of War game I've ever played lol

I don't believe you when you say this is your first time trying pixel art haha. Anyway great work, tho this feels (to me) more like NES than SNES

this is awesomely authentic, like at least 8 out of 5 stars for's also ridiculously hard (I'm not total crap at platformers/side scrollers either. used to speed run SMB3 and SMW wayy back in the day) mainly because it seems like the dudes (fireflies? army? bandits? cannibal bandits? idk any of the above I guess)  can shoot you from off screen but you can't shoot them from off screen, and trying usually means taking a bullet and losing a third of your health.

any chance of adding checkpoints or something?

(initially that's what I hoped the flags were but I guess they're just golf course flags)

oh, for #4 I just meant how many levels of the shareware doom have been modded? but I realize now that the question might not make any sense if all you've altered in this release was the monsters/weapons which are shared across all levels

1) this is hilarious and adorable; I especially love Mario's ridiculous noodly arms and the 'bleck bleck' sound. it might be even funnier honestly if the enemies weren't changed, I like the idea of Mario fireballing things into ludicrous gibs 

2) you might want to clarify that the mod was applied to the doom shareware wad, cuz people be lazy, and dumb, and I can see them trying the doom 2 wad that's at the top of the list, seeing it's just doom 2, and going "Welp guess it doesn't work"

3) so eventually, the levels will be replaced with Mario 64 (themed) levels? right now at a glance they seem to just be the Doom levels w/ different weapons and enemies

4) how much of this is there right now? I ask not because I want to get it over with but because I don't want to run out of it too quickly

5) most important: thank you for showing me a retro Doom player/frontend that patches in freaking mouselook. I've been watching a lot of Civvie-11 vidoes and kind of getting into retro shooters again. Like a lot of modern shooter players I am completely incapable of playing without it, and it's probably more my incompetence/laziness than it actually being difficult to find, but every version of Doom I've tried has been hardwired in to those awful, awful keyboard controls

overall 11/10 great work

haha noice

this is absolutely an issue that I had with my game too but this looks much too good for SNES, the lighting effects and UI elements are much too crisp and clean and the portraits are so attractive with such fine shading they're clearly using thousands if not millions of colors which is well beyond the 256 at a time color palette limitation the SNES had. I've been playing/replaying some old SNES roms recently and it's pretty incredible just how limiting 16 bit graphics were (also like most SNES games seem to share the same FONT which is like what, how, why?)

(I saved almost all the graphical assets I used with 8-bit color depth and tried to restrict myself to 256 colors total where possible but I still couldn't get it to look "retro" enough for my liking)

it feels strange verging on surreal to be faulting a game for looking too good of all things but it's I guess kind of the nature of the event; haven't had a chance to actually play this yet but like I said it's way up on my list.

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I've only been rated by 4 friggin people so far, I'd definitely appreciate some more feedback, I worked really, really, REALLY hard on this thing.  All of the feedback has been glowingly positive so far and that's wonderful but I'd rather be rated by 20 people including some people that aren't gonna love it rather than just "quit while I'm ahead" with unanimous praise from 4

(Sleipnir you're on my list I'm getting around to ya!)

DIGRESSION: does really not have spoiler tags?

Also anybody that is streaming my game please let me know so I can a) watch it and b) plug that shizznit

I didn't do anything unusual, it said to move the wooden tree trunk by pressing the interact key (E) and I pressed that button and the arrow keys and every othe rkey on my keyboard and the escape key etc and the game was unresponsive. the only thing I can think of on my end that might possibly be fouling things up is that I have an X-BOX 360 USB controller plugged in. I'll try unplugging that and seeing if that fixes anything.

great stuff guys! I wanna get around to playing and rating most of these eventually but right now I need to shower and sleep two things I've put off for WAY too long because of crunch

this is mine, and this version is actually playable from title screen to credits w/o any fatal crash bugs...(that I know this time)

no worries! I was able to scroll through the dialogues but when I got control it's not responding to any inputs (arrow keys, WASD, pressing the interact (E) key again, mouse clicks, mouse movement, nothing). it doesn't seem frozen, just unresponsive, I can still see the character's back moving with the idle animation

I award you 12 out of 5 stars for authenticity!  great, great stuff!  it's hard, though. I made it past the second crashed pelican and into the big pink building after three or so tries, but got stuck there (making me miss HALO's checkpoint autosaves but those wouldn't be very Genesis then would they!)

the name is great, because of the double entendre, it's for the Sega Genesis obviously but HALO: Genesis sounds like it could very well be the real name that 343/Bungie would use for a HALO spinoff or prequel! 

it's an incredibly minor quibble but I feel like grunts are super tanky bullet sponges when you can't aim for the head. your experiment is a great success. I love that it has sensibly mapped manual reloading, something modern AAA shooters are STILL fucking up to this day. shooting feels awesome, very halo-ey!

a little bit more of a fault is that I wish there were health pickups, it doesn't seem like medkits would have been a difficult thing to add as powerups/pickups to restore some of your health bars

I bet I'll enjoy it even more when I come back later to play it with a game pad, keyboard was a little awkward.

tthanks yeah I realized shortly after posting that it was because those games were browser based (a platform I hope mine will run on eventually but I'm not there yet)

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this is HARD but I love it. I never had a genesis back when I was a kid, we were a nintendo house, this is rad AF

unity player doesn't want to load for me ATM, could very well be a problem on my end