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Hey, I just played your game.

Here are my feedbacks on it :

- Super appropriate sound design/ambiance

BUT a bit repetitive when playing (even more when it's the same

for each level)

- Hopefully we can skip text when restarting

- Design/art is super nice

- Game gives feedbacks so it's satisfying

Things you should consider to improve according to me :

- Words saying by adventurers seemed a bit unrelated to the general

universe of the game (maybe consider words which refer to the fantasy/

medieval world your game seems to belong

- Maybe consider adding some variety to the gameplay because it's a bit

repetitive (I think I play until level 4) don't know if it changes after.

- Bit small when playing web version (hard to read some text)

Congrats nevertheless, your game is impressive and clearly we can feel

the work behind :D

First and foremost, thank you very much for your feedback! Addresing your issues:

  • To skip the text, you can press ESCAPE (keep pressing it), then it skips a dialogue. Do you think it should skip the entire cutscene?
  • Really like your suggestion about fantasy words!
  • We'll add a 'launch in fullscreen' option for the web version so it doesn't look so small.

The characters are from 0x72 and Superdark. The full credits are in the last image of the game page or at the end of the game :)