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1. Hi! I'm Victor.

2. I was in the previous jam and I made Bipo's Adventure! I finished it with 5 levels during the jam, and after the jam I updated it to make the levels bigger and add more stuff. I'd like to try something different this time since a lot of the platformer engine needs I had were already in Construct 2. I want to challenge myself more this time.

3. Some of my favorite games are Wind Waker, Chibi-Robo, Xenoblade Chronicles, Kirby, Undertale, and Animal Crossing. The closest to inspiration for Bipo's Adventure was Kirby as far as the simple looking character and cute style. Almost any video game I've played has inspired me to make games.

4. While I had fooled around with some game making programs before, the first "my first" jam was... my first game(jam) ever. So my gamedev experience is I did that one jam. I improved the game around a month after the jam ended and I'm pretty pleased with how that went.

5. My passions are rabbits, music, rain, my wife, playing bass, pixel art, any magical or sci fi world, and also Overwatch right now lol.

I'm really excited to finally make a game again! I hit a rough patch so to speak right after the last one ended and never really got back to it. Also excited to see all the cool entries (or even cool stuff that doesn't get finished) during this jam! Good luck everyone! YOU CAN DO THIS!