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This was a very nicely done. As someone who has personal experience with depression, this really spoke to me, the different demons certainly captured the many facets of suffering from it and the thoughts and feelings associated. 

I personally think the fact that you can mess up and retry is hugely important, as that is, in many cases what it is like in reality; having that strength to try again despite the previous outcomes. The visuals and soundtrack really complemented the experience too. This is a difficult issue to present, especially so in video games, but I'd say this is easily one of the most accurate. Excellent job.


Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad I was able to produce something that so many people would enjoy and connect with in such a way. And the concept of retrying was definitely important to me, as I sometimes have to tell myself "I can try again," which is both difficult, but the process of coping with various internal feelings.
Again, thank you for your input on the game, it really means a lot!