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1. Hi I'm Karythina. I'm an agender wish-I-was-a-golem-fantasizer who has self-destructive tendencies and severe problems with interpersonal relationships. Great start, now to make a game.

2. I joined the last game jam and made a command-line mini RPG in Python. I'm proud of it because I coded it from scratch and learned as I went. I'm embarrassed by it because it's really really awkwardly coded and kind of lackluster compared to what other people made. I'm not sure what I'll "do better" this time just yet, I'm still debating what and how I'll be doing anything at all.

3. I have been always fascinated and inspired by ANSI and ASCII games. I just love the abstract and yet sorta minimal-ness of simple symbols and colors representing various things. ZZT was one of the earlier games I played on a computer and its level creator blew my little mind away. Nethack and roguelikes are other favorites. BBS games like Legend of the Red Dragon, Dwarf Fortress. For more gameplay inspiration, the Wizardry and Etrian Odyssey series are some of my favorites too, I love a good dungeon crawler.

4. Well, I made that thing in Python, but I wouldn't say I have too much serious game dev experience outside of that. A couple tiny Twine games, some as a joke.

5. I'm very bad at talking about myself so I have a hard time describing my passions. I like numbers and stuff. Artificial beings are pretty cool and so is the whole philosophical aspect of it. I do like philosophy too for whatever that's worth.