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Totally rad, reminds me of Spy Hunter a lot. I liked how the first enemy pulled up behind me and ran right into a pair of exploding barrels. The only bummer I feel is that there's no audio at all (that's not just an issue on my side, is it?). If you don't have anybody to do some for you yet, I wouldn't mind supplying some sfx and tunes, actually. But you don't have to take me up on that offer at all, of course. Either way, super neat, great visuals, too!

Thanks for trying it out and the feedback! Spy Hunter and Bump N Jump were what I immediately thought of when I saw the cartridge and felt I had to go in that direction. There should be sound and music. Maybe 'M' got pressed and muted the sound? When I get home I'll check to make sure I didn't accidentally upload some version without audio. Or possibly I uploaded a version that defaults with Mute on. That seems like something I'd do. 

Yep. I uploaded muted by default <sigh>