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Looking at this, I really liked the music and the visuals, but could not wrap my head around the gameplay. After reading a comment, apparently we're supposed to fill in the blanks to the song? Specifically, an Iron Maiden song. (Which, I don't think I've ever heard.) 

That being said, I can definitely see this working. Good job :) 

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Thanks a lot for checking it out! Really appreciate your feedback, glad you dug the look and sound and see some potential in the concept. You got it, it's a fill-in-the-blank kind of thing and ideally there would be a selection of songs / nursery rhymes / famous quotes / whatever for the player to pick between or queue up rather than getting served the one set of lyrics. Die With Your Boots On is a really great Iron Maiden track with somewhat of an inane, rhyme-at-all-costs chorus and it was specifically what I had in mind when this idea sprang up. Thanks again for playing :)