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  • Swarm Flak Cannon
  • AI Blade Gun (Shoots just one.)
  • Black Katana
  • Hyper Hunter Rifle (Long ranged and shoots through walls.)
  • Sheep Cannon
  • Tri Gun (Random Fire, Toxic, and Ice.)
  • 8 Directional YoYo Gun (need better name.)
  • Not a Oops Gun (A oops gun in disguise.)
  • Super Nuke Launcher
  • Railgun
  • Blood Hammer
  • Shurikens (Used bullet ammo.)
  • Master Sword
  • Crystal Shard Gun (A gun that makes enemies explode of more shards when killed with it.)
  • Line of Bullets
  • Super Flame Cannon
  • Fire Hammer
  • Metal Bat (Reflects faster.)
  • Superhot Katana
  • Sine Laser

Ok thats all the weapon suggestions my brain can handle so here are some other stuff.

  • Make Ice actually freeze enemies, because they can still shoot and move slightly.
  • WeaponSmith should keep a modification for his primary instead of having it only for his revolver and losing it when you find a new weapon.
  • Y.C should be able to join the Y.V crib if that's in b19, never had the time or skills to check.
  • Emote for when enemies are sleeping and a alert emote for when they are awake.
  • Nerf Insomnia since its a pretty long time till they wake up.
  • Toxic is kinda hard to use.

I'm sure not everything would just be implemented on the dot, but I am willing to help and share some ideas.

How can you know about AI weapons its not in any patch notes and you can't get it legit in the game yet its unfinished!

Lol I really don't know, might be a glitch or something because I found it in a chest.

The WeaponSmith can actually combine any weapon with the modificated revolver to pass the mod to other weapon

This is true