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Couch Potato

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Make sure you include the options.ini in the NT folder

Sheep is unlocked by completing one level after the scrapyard without firing. I'm working on fixing some issues with hunter.

Will be in update 21

This mod is based on update 19. This update didn't have a lot of the weapons and most certainly not the throne. I would have to remake the throne wich takes a long time.

Try the direct link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y211emjxc0wivxh/NuclearT...

Try turning down freezeframes

For those of you who are having trouble downloading here is a direct link tell me if this works: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y211emjxc0wivxh/NuclearT...

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Its not in yet. Also if you want more info on stuff feel free to add me on steam: CouchPotatoSalad

This is true

Try looking into the options menu if its turned down XD?

Do you have a controller connected while playing?

How can you know about AI weapons its not in any patch notes and you can't get it legit in the game yet its unfinished!

Can you maybe contact me on a private message on reddit or on steam? So not to clog this place up.

Awesome! ask me anything!

Yes 5 ultras yes yes

SEEN! Well I read all the comments so don't worry.

You can vote for horror if you want it to be added next: goo.gl/iZZay9

I can always use ultra mutation art!

I'm changing some things in this area in the next update

I would try to make one but I need a mac for that aswell. And even if I had a mac and a license it wouldn't be a guarentee that I succeed. because I've never done a macport before.

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Weapon & Character suggestions are much appreciated! Theres a gamemode called one weapon only this lets you scroll through all the weapons that are in the game right now, just so yo know which weapons are already in there before suggesting :D.

Are you using update 98? Btw don't rename the data.win file. Move the original data.win file somewhere else and then put the ultramod data.win file inside of the folder.

This is fixed in update 10 :D.

Hey I'm not good at spanish but multiplayer probably isn't going to happen that would be really hard to code. And rogue may happen someday I'll look into it. Glad you're enjoying the mod!

Not sure if Vlambeer would allow that. I'd also be releasing their source code.

Hey, thanks for reporting! Can you tell me how you died/what killed you?

Thanks for reporting the bug. I've fixed it you can redownload update 10.1 for the fix ;D

I could if I somehow got all the art and animations for her :/.

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I'll look into it. What gamepad are you using?

It is random ;D

This happens when you start the game via steam. Try starting it via the provided .exe

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This doesn't happen to me. Are you sure that you are playing update 6? Did you destroy or did you get in the car?

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What version were you playing? And what subarea?

What version are you playing and what was the previous area before you entered the mansion?? And you are talking about the crib right not the scrapyard car mansion thing?

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Open mind is buffed. It gives you one extra chest compared to the retail version :D.

What is the error message?

It works on windows 10 I have windows 10 myself. You need to place the exe in the nuclear throne folder after you have downgraded the game to update 19 via steam. The video tutorial explains it.

It should work on windows 8.1 did you set your steam game to the Mod branch?

Probably not I haven't looked at gamepad support. That part is probably very broken sorry about that.

Along development they changed from gamemaker 8.1 to gamemaker studio. It is a hell to do this though. Cause you'd have to rewrite a lot of the code.