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so from what I have gathered, I would say the monster is to symbolise the child shown in the family portrait. The mother might have some sort of mental issues or is scared of the child therefore making her perception of him being a monster, she has woken up alone with the father not being in the house (perhaps he left for a night shift at his workplace) and she is petrified not knowing what to do. She owes to the child's room to see if he is asleep or some other reason and sees he is gone, the shadow and the monster being leggless could have been a problem at birth or a later incident. The music box could Have been her mothers and meant a lot to her so she felt safe with it. When she was in the cupboard she could have been hiding and the child wanted to know if she was okay but saw it as a threat and got scared. When she killed the creature that would then conclude her killing her son especially up above the painting

please tell me if I am right or wrong

We at Creaky Stairs Studios believe it is much more fun for you players to find any hidden meanings with the monster and the symbols, rather than us giving away the answers. That's why we won't confirm or deny any theory given.

Awww ok