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Also note- If you cant fix the Amp mechanic, just give Dave military grade weapons. Like guns or RPGs, because something that works is better than something that is buggy and broken. No need to throw if he has a minigun.

Yeah I can see an RPG being implemented where every time you play the map it spawns somewhere else. I have thought of adding bombs/nukes in this game since I loosely experimented with it in RC Racer 2. Guns would probably only fit in on the Wong's Airfield side quests where the destruction stops and it's a bit more linear. Drivable vehicles are a touchy subject for the engine though. The RC Racer 2 car seems to have more stable physics when the ground collisions are undefined while anything and everything in Destructive Dave relies on that defined collision boundary. At the end of the day it has to feel satisfying to destroy the maps in the game. If I ever do get vehicles working, I would make a Killdozer cheat code.