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hate to admit but it's 80085.

never thought uranium could be called spicy rocks, but it makes sense since radiation is just spicy air

how the heck do I play this game

please reduce asteroid hitbox it's irritating

question: how are the aliens able to more or less seamlessly integrate their anatomy into inanimate modern warfare vehicles and passenger vehicles (eg. tanks, that one passenger plane, fighter jets and attack helicopters) while being able to control these vehicles for hours on end

I stole someone's kidney to give it to another person suffering kidney failure in a run that otherwise didn't have kidney stealing.  Besides the trolley problem, you have a great game!

imagine dropping random pieces of stone and attempting to slather  on grey mud, then dropping some ceramic plates on it

the game is fun.

wait a minute how do I play the download

KARLSON community · Replied to DaGames in Dani

i knew it, he was an imposter the whole time. ladies and gentlemen, dani truely is... a carton of milk


we got some kessler syndrome goin on here

i am honestly terrified about the lobster as large as a man filling the role of a horror movie villain

get this guy a medal, he made one of his own games that took over a month in 2d, within the span of 48 hours

in total, the mission lasted 141 days and downlinked 100 erlenmeyers of scientific data, resulting in approximately 0.7092198 erlenmeyers or less of data per day due to the attitude control failure, a pitiful number compared to the Bunsen-18 Deep Space Probe which downlinked 10428 erlenmeyers with a mission lasting 537 days, which amounted to 19.418994 erlenmeyers of data per day.

*you have died of dysentery* the final words of the Bunsen-19 deep space probe before it's disintegration by a complete failure of the attitude control system onboard attempting to compensate for a minor misalignment of the high gain antenna and the NASA DSN Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex sending the probe into a extremely fast spin, a result of operator error


Why are we fighting the turret/tank boss anyway?

admittedly, it's not very intuitive

You have to look at the coolant tank- folllow the pipe for the coolant regulating valve thingy.

So Spookware has some lore. Good job.

the shotgun is abnormally short ranged

it just makes me depressed

i knew it, based off of Dark Cut 3

exactly. Went out of my way to obliterate everything. Why am I so evil?

lol inverted ghost hunting

the rock is tiny. am i a mini-sentry defending a useless rock from spycrabs?

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reminds me of Deep Fear

alternately the facility may be organic. or not.

or that #$@@$%!#@##@^@%@&*@@##!#$

I MEAN, there's a #@$#^!#@#%$@ ah crud.


Game was nice, and on a bonus, I became a master of vase jumping, and the Force-A-Nature.

about that fetish, to me i say b r u h why

I think you mean: "It makes sense realistically to kick enemies for ammo, but it's not very convenient to do so. I'd rather have enemies randomly drop ammo on death."

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Magic  trick candle fire? What? Reminds me of Piemations' Scented Candle short. I then realized that the fire seems to be similar to SCP-310:

As for that short I referenced, here it is:

engineer gaming


Excellent game!

help i took too much alcohol and now i cant walk, breaking the game

Just to let you know, the scratch web playable is the original scratch game, but it's a demo really. If you want  the OLD versions to modify, download the game

by an investigative potato journalist