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oregon trail but you have to relieve yourself like any normal person:

I want the full version, I won't settle for half a game (nice work however)

I hit escape and it broke

notice: spiders

No problem!

game's great. can't describe how great it is, but it's great

"My job is to fix chains. I go down with my hyperbaric welder, and descend to fix massive steel chains. I work furiously, welding the chains to keep the runes lit, to keep them strong, to resist the endless struggle, for every second that the chains are weak are a second that it can try to escape. It knows that I am trying to restrain it, and it relishes the seconds where I struggle to use my hyperbaric welder. Still, my duty persists, alone in the depths of the sea. My job is to fix chains."

satisfied doctor bao finally, created an armada of cardboard aliens so I can use them sort of like fake wasp nests work

love the game, although the thing is literally paranoia simulator (I'm standing next to the radar screen and hoping that the something that's moving around doesn't know I'm here)

how about you should leave it in a socket with a charging cord attached to it

ah yes filing your tax return but the return doesn't mention anything about taxes and is just one gigantic contract

Really liked the game's aesthetic, and how dryly cut/detached a lot of the commentary is (eg. something that looks horrible and just came into existence has a terminology,) reminds me a lot of the SCP Foundation and HL2's Combine. 5/5 stars, would play again.

(Also I ripped some assets from the game just to *try* to make the Axiom Research Station pre-incident, not sure if that's alright with you)

no engaging mechanics, no substance, would not play again

not sure that bribery is still a problem in 2023

enjoyed it, who knew auditing people's taxes coldly ignoring the farmers while they plead for mercy would be so fun?

upon seeing the status idle and depth screen I had flashbacks to gemini home entertainment's advanced mining vehicle

the only game where the dumbest solutions are the right solution

I got the living daylights scared out of me, 10/10. Also some of the wacky stuff I found (I aint gonna say where.) I also wrote a little diary entry about what happened before with colorful language, but even though I blurred out the foul language, I think it's too spoiler heavy to put here.


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kinda weird, am I right, seeing as SCP:CB and SCP:SL exist

There was a fire that can't go out on the SCP wiki, maybe that's it except it's a magnesium fire?

took amnestics and forgot the last 4 hours thanks

I'd really like for there to be less radio telescopes to maintain- because there are times where the sheer number of radio telescopes makes it impossible to get to repairing them. How about 3-4 instead? (Also, I clicked on the suspended account link, saw something unsafe for man, spent several seconds confused and while trying to close it, clicked the god forsaken image, saw something else that I have no words for, went to my history and nearly erased all my browsing history.)

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I copied the photocopier which was using copy and accidentally caused an endless loop of photocopying

the grenade near the trash can is the high explosive one.

never knew that a youtube series would inspire a fangame.

hate to admit but it's 80085.

never thought uranium could be called spicy rocks, but it makes sense since radiation is just spicy air

how the heck do I play this game

please reduce asteroid hitbox it's irritating

question: how are the aliens able to more or less seamlessly integrate their anatomy into inanimate modern warfare vehicles and passenger vehicles (eg. tanks, that one passenger plane, fighter jets and attack helicopters) while being able to control these vehicles for hours on end

I stole someone's kidney to give it to another person suffering kidney failure in a run that otherwise didn't have kidney stealing.  Besides the trolley problem, you have a great game!

imagine dropping random pieces of stone and attempting to slather  on grey mud, then dropping some ceramic plates on it

the game is fun.

wait a minute how do I play the download

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i knew it, he was an imposter the whole time. ladies and gentlemen, dani truely is... a carton of milk


we got some kessler syndrome goin on here

i am honestly terrified about the lobster as large as a man filling the role of a horror movie villain

get this guy a medal, he made one of his own games that took over a month in 2d, within the span of 48 hours