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Woo! I played the first Chapter today and needless to say it was AWESOME to see this crazy doll creature in action! You guys really know how to set the atmosphere and keep everything creepy and new. This puzzle was very easy and simple, yet it took me wayyyy longer than it should have and that's on my part. I also completely missed the piece that goes into the power box that's sitting on the doll behind the EVIL flashlight mound and I was in that general area quite a few times, so maybe making that just slightly more visible, whether that color or a small glow I have no clue, but that would be cool. I'm not sure how I feel about the hand animation coming from the lighthouse, I died quite a bit so it seemed tedious, but hey that's death. The other creature that you see an animation for has me asking some questions!! So I can't wait to play the next chapter of this game and see where we go from here, especially after the hands at the end UGHHHH!!! Your game is AWESOME!  Oh, and thank you for not making the entire room reset when you're hit by that doll creature, because that would have been an extremely long process!