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This subsystem is essential for navigating the lead-up and follow-through of a lovemaking scene/fade-to-black. This game achieves this by bringing specific aspects -- such as self-deceptions, power imbalances, even physical capability -- to explicit light, opening opportunities for deeper role-playing in the context of sex and human connection.

This system-neutral ruleset is perfect for you if:

  • You want to approach lovemaking and intimacy in a newly intelligent and meaningful way.
  • You want to articulate characters' limitations and aspirations for physical and emotional connection.
  • Outside of RPGs, you have an academic interest or appreciation for the intricacies of physical intimacy.

This ruleset is not for you if:

  • You feel uncomfortable with this topic, or feel unprepared to trust others with its procedures.
  • You do not feel like dedicating time just for establishing lovemaking intricacies.
  • You are looking for rules about fucking.